Saturday, April 30, 2011


I mentioned Jerome Dreyfuss in the previous post but I kind of wanted to do a designer spotlight on him. He is the husband of designer Isabel Marant and has a gorgeous line of bags, small leather goods and accessories, and jackets. They are so so so amazing. His line has apparently been out in France for eight or so years but he very recently opened his first store in NYC. I stumbled upon it when I was in the city a couple weeks ago and fell in love with his purses. His store is located on Broome St. right next to the Isabel Marant store ( How cute!). Although an e-store US version has not been created you can find his purses on,,,, and the like.  Below are just a couple of my favorite Jerome Dreyfuss bags!

 It comes in a ton of fun colors and the pouch/ fringe in the front is detachable.
So fun, especially for spring/summer!

This one is similar to the one above but the shape is a tad different. 
This is basically a clutch/wallet version. 

The designer has many bags all of which I am obsessed with. The ones with the detachable pouches and fringe are especially my favorite( In case you can't tell!), they add a little personality and fun( all three above have detachable pouches and come in many fun colors)! Dreyfuss has a variety of bags that can appeal to everyone; for those who prefer simplicity and for those who prefer leopard print.

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